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The blog "Alvistec" aims to positioning itself as a recurring site for consultation, in alternative technologies. The Alvistec blog aims so that becomes one most visited web sites of tech enthusiasts that contributes to facilitates and to spreads the use of free software, electronics reuse; among other topics.

1. Personal Info

Name: Luis Alvarez
Gender: Male
City: Cali - Colombia, I’m staying alive!
Career: Electronics, and free software enthusiast!!

Web: http://alvistec.com
Blogger 1: http://alvistec.blogspot.com
Blogger 2: http://tutoslinks.blogspot.com
Youtube: Plan Alvistec
Twitter: @alvistec

3. Contact

Email: info@alvistec.com
Any errors in this web are mine, and if you point them out I can fix them :)

4. Why donations?

Alvistec.com is created and maintained by a volunteer man – I'm 32 years, I do this work because I love it, not for money.
Despite of, github host my pages for free, however, keeping the web pages available online does involve some costs, for example, registering the domain name, internet, "free energy", a cup of colombian coffee…
Thanks for visiting and collaboration!

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WTF is bitcoin? :V

Bitcoin and Crypto-coins are all them digital currency "cryptocurrency", available to everyone, everywhere in the world. It is open source and decentralized, not controlled by any single entity. It can be sent between individuals without involvement of banks or credit card companies. Transactions are practically instant and with low fees, often completely free.

Thanks for reading this web, enjoy!

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