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  • » How to Use Windows Network Diagnostics to Repair Network Issues in Windows 7

    One morning you are working flawlessly on your computer with all the network connectivity working seamlessly, and the next morning all of a sudden you notice a yellow exclamation mark on your network connectivity icon with a message…

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  • » Sets volume via command line

    This will increase the volume by 2 decibels on the pcm channel. the argument to -c is for which sound card to use, the arg after set is the channel (PCM, Master, etc.) and what to set by. Related commands…

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  • » How to get CNAME record for next time if you lost it

    CNAME record is important for adding the custom domain in your blogger blog URL. To redirect blogger subdomain ( to you registered custom domain ( it required to add CNAME entries to your domain DNS of your domain registrar…

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  • » Installation Flash Player Linux debian

    Adobe Flash Player is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements and games.

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  • » Confessions of a Windows 7 "pirate"

    I've been hanging out with a bad crowd lately, trying out popular hacking tools and utilities to see if I could install Windows 7 without paying for it. Unfortunately, I succeeded. 2-pages.

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  • » jQuery scroll to element

    When the user clicks on that input with #subject, the page should scroll to the last element of the page with a nice animation. It should be a scroll to bottom and not to top.

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  • » Connect to wireless network via command line

    I am getting too far ahead of myself. Let's get back to the basics shall we? First I am going to assume that your wireless card was detected by your distribution and has the proper drivers loaded. 2-pages.

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  • » Jpeg Image Optimization Linux - Compress Command

    How do I compress and optimize JPEG images on my amazon cloud account so that I can save bandwidth on cloudfront cdn account? How do I use an image compressor to create lossless compression on JPEG files, with no effect on image quality in bulk using Linux?

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  • » Linux / Unix Command To Optimize and Compress PNG Files In Bulk

    I have lots of images in png format (over 250k+ png). Properly formatting and compressing png images can save many bytes of data. How do I compress and optimize png images on my amazon cloud account so that I can save bandwidth on cloudfront cdn account? 2-pages.

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  • » Mono sound output in Ubuntu

    Mono sound output in Ubuntu? Hi, is there an easy way of forcing mono sound output on linux - for one ear, one earphone, one speaker?

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  • » Dwm configuration and installation linux - Debian/Ubuntu

    Dynamic window manager (dwm) is a minimalist tiling window manager, famous for being ultra-lightweight and infamous for needing to be recomplied every time you make changes to the configuration. 4-pages.

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  • » How to send email using simple smtp commands via gmail

    To send over gmail, you need to use an encrypted connection. this is not possible with telnet alone, but you can use tools like openssl either connect using the starttls option in openssl to convert the plain connection to encrypted.

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