The Cookies Policy

This web site uses the cookies with purpose of making more functional and useful the navigation of the users. In this sense and with the objective of guaranteeing the whole necessary information for the correct navigation to the user, is put the following informative text about what do mean the cookies, What cookies typology exist in our web page and how the user is able to configure or to disable them.

  1. What "cookies" are?

    At present, all the web pages, independently of the service that they render, they use cookies, that is, they save a minimal information of the utilization accomplished by the user in the web page. A cookie may be defined as a little file of text (javascript) of generalized use that gets discharged in the user's terminal equipment, when the user navigates across of the web pages with the aim of storing data that will can be updated and recovered by the responsible entity of its installation.
  2. The Cookies typologies

    The following cookies may be used in the present web page are:

    • Cookies "strictly necessary"

      Those cookies that be considerate essential cookies for the navigation for the web page because they make easy the utilization of their benefits or tools for the user, such as, for example, Identifying the session, gaining access over "restricted-access parts", saving the elements that integrate an order, executing the process of purchase of an order, between other ones. Without these cookies, the mentioned functions would become disabled.
    • Cookies on behavior

      Those cookies whose objective is the compilation from relative information to the navigation uses of the user, like for example the pages that are more visited, the messages of error, between other ones, with the objective for part of the person in charge (web admin), to put improvements into the web page on the basis of the information compiled by these cookies. The information compiled by these cookies is anonymous, mighting not has identified the user personally and therefore is used exclusively for the correct functioning of the web page.
    • Cookies of functionality

      They are those cookies that enable remembering to the web page the decisions that the user takes, for example: The geographic position of the user to insure that which shows the web site indicated for his region, the user name, the idiom, the kind of browser intervening which to accesses to the web page,between other ones. The objective is the fringe benefit of a service more personalized. The information compiled by these cookies is anonymous, mighting not has identified the user personally and therefore is used exclusively for the correct functioning of the web page.
    • Cookies of personalization and advertising

      Those cookies that use the publicity operators with the permission of the titleholder of the web page, which pick up information on the preferences and elections of the user in the navigation for web sites. Those are directed to the nets of publicity who use them for next showing personalized ads in other web sites to the user.
  3. Procedure of opposition to the cookies's installation

    The majority of computers accept cookies's utilization automatically. However, the user has the possibility of making a decision whether maintain the enabled cookies or no in your computer. The fact of disabling the cookies could imply the loss of an optimal functioning of the web page getting disabled some of the characteristics or services rendered for the same. However, even having deactivated all the cookies the web browser collects determined essential information for the basic functioning of the web page.
    The user that wants to disable the cookies can make it out from the preferences section of his web browser. Depending on the web browser you should will be to follow determined steps to modify the configuration of the cookies in you computer:

    If you have another web browser, consult your provider about as disabling the browser cookies.

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