Backup All Your Youtube Videos to Google Drive 2/2

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Backup New Videos to Google Drive.

Instead of uploading to both YouTube and Google Drive, just upload your original video to your Google Drive. Now open YouTube in a browser window and go to “YouTube Settings” and copy the email id for your “Mobile uploads”.


Now come back to the Google Drive window, right click over the video you just uploaded and select “Share->Email as attachment”.


In the form that comes up, enter the email id you had copied before in the “To” field and click “Send”.


Google Drive will now email the video directly to your YouTube account. Depending on the video size, it could take some time for the video to appear in your video manager as YouTube needs to process the video. Once it appears, you can change the title, add description, tags and captions as well.

Also See: How to download youtube videos in Windows.

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