Inductor Color Code Guide 2/2

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Five Band Military Standard Inductor Colour Code


Band 1 2 3 4 5
(See Notes)
Mil. Spec. Digit or
Dec. point
Digit or
Dec. point
(or Multiplier)
Tolerance %
Gold   Decimal
Silver Always Silver
double width
Black   0 0 0
(or x 1)
Brown   1 1 1
(or x 10)
Red   2 2 2
(or x 100)
Orange   3 3 3
(or x 1,000)
Yellow   4 4 4
(or x 10,000)
Green   5 5 5  
Blue   6 6 6  
Violet   7 7 7  
Grey   8 8 8  
White   9 9 9  


The military standard for cylindrical inductors specifies 5 coloured bands The same colours are used as in the EIA 4 band code, but:

For band 1, a double width sliver band is used to signify Military Standard.

For values less than 10µH:

Bands 2, 3 and 4 indicate the value of inductance in µH.

A gold band might be used in either band 2 or band 3. In either of these two bands, gold indicates a decimal point and band 4 is used as a digit instead of a multiplier band.

When no gold band is present in bands 2 or 3, band 4 is a multipier band.

For example:

  • If bands 2,3 and 4 are red, gold, red the value would be 2.2 µH
  • If bands 2,3 and 4 are gold, yellow, violet the value would be 0.47 µH (470nH)

Band 5 indicates the tolerance between 1% and 20%

For values of 10µH or more:

Bands 2 and 3 represent basic value, and band 4 gives the number of zeros.

For example:

If bands 2, 3 and 4 are red, violet, orange the value would be 27000 µH

Surface Mount Device(SMD) or Chip Inductor Codes.

For inductors of a very small physical size, coloured dots may be used instead of bands. In such cases, The silver dot indicating a Military (Mil) specification will be larger than the other dots and will be placed a the beginning of the dot sequence.

In some cases only a single coloured dot is used, and for their meaning it is neccesary to refer to individual manufacturers data for accurate interpretation.

Dot code examples from Coilcraft Inc.

Dot code examples from Viking Tech Corporation.

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