Vga connections for lg flatron ez and old CRTs

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Labels:  pinout, connector

Vga connector for lg flatron ez was damage I need color configuration for its pinout, Question about LG Flatron Ez T910B 19” CRT Monitor.

Pink - red input - pin 1 green - green input - pin 2 blue - blue input - pin 3 ground shield wire - pin 6,7,8 and 10 black - ddc 5v - pin 9 violet - screen raster - pin 11 white - data or sda - pin 12 orange - clock or scl - pin 15 yellow - vertical signal - pin 14 clear - horizontal signal - pin 13

  • pin no 1 - Red colour signal (Red colour wire)
  • pin no 2 - Green colour signal (Green colour wire)
  • pin no 3 - Blue colour signal (Blue colour wire)
  • 4&5 Not connected
  • pin no 6&7&8 are (Grounds)RGB Returns
  • 9&10 NC
  • pin 13 Hohizontal sync signal
  • pin no 14 vertical sync signal
  • Not nessasry other pins (orange and white sometimes necessary in old CRTs to image synchronism)


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