What is “float” in WinAVR?

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Hello All! What is “float” in WinAVR? - The user IAR can open a file of the help: "...\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 4.0 Evaluation\avr\doc\EWAVR_CompilerReference.pdf" and to find there table with the description float and double.

Floating-point types

In the AVR IAR C/C++ Compiler, floating-point values are represented in standard IEEE format. The ranges and sizes for the different floating-point types are:

Type__________ Size____ Range (+/-)__________________ Exponent_ Mantissa
float__________ 32 bits ±1.18E-38 to ±3.39E+38___________ 8 bits 23 bits
double_______ * 32 bits (default) ±1.18E-38 to ±3.39E+38_ 8 bits 23 bits
double_______ * 64 bits ±2.23E-308 to ±1.79E+308________ 11 bits 52 bits
long double__ * 32 bits ±1.18E-38 to ±3.39E+38___________ 8 bits 23 bits
long double__ * 64 bits ±2.23E-308 to ±1.79E+308________ 11 bits 52 bits
Table 32: Floating-point types

And there is a lot of other information on float and double.

Whether there is somewhere similar information for WinAVR? I could not find anything neither in a folder “WinAVR”, nor in the Internet. Whether somebody can show me how find such information?

I have found some good pages


But it is not clear for me as them to coordinate with WinAVR.


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